Where are we?

Currently, this new mobile web site is being offered only to malls for people with smart phones, or tablet computers, such as an Ipad. The malls we currently cover are in Long Island, NY. We will continue to expand into Westchester County, Upstate New York, New Jersey and Connecticut by the end of 2012. If all goes well, we hope to go nationwide over the next three years.

Why use is the only mobile web site available that offers complete and accurate sales and coupon information to the mall shopper, wherever they are at any time. It is meant for mall shoppers, this is not meant for small pizza places, car washes, fast food places, cleaners scattered around a community. We have organized all the sales in each mall, with the ability to search for categories of items, and subcategories of items. An example would be "Shoes" and "Womens". No other site offers this. The site is simple and easy to use, and when the search is invoked the response comes up quick!

How does it work?

We collect all the sales and coupons going on at each mall individually through many various methods and key them into the database. We save you the trouble of having to find the email, newspaper, magazine or web site coupon buried in multiple media publications. We also organize the coupons, so you can find exactly what you need immediately.

Searching for sales and coupons is free. You can do this anytime without having to pay anything. Activating the coupon bar codes, or coupon quick response codes so a cashier can use them to scan into the register (or type in the code) cost $2.95. But from the time you purchase your first coupon you can activate and use all coupons for one week. So if you use one coupon, or five or more coupons they all cost $2.95. Your subscription runs out once every seven days. We never automatically bill your credit card for a renewal. You choose to do this.

There are no paid for ads on the mobile site, and we never give away or sell your information. Your privacy and security is our utmost concern.

Our guarantee.

We guarantee an easy to use product that is 99% accurate and effective and fast. We give you a tool to search for sales and coupons. We do not currently offer refunds, which is why we offer free use of all coupons for a week. We highly recommend you speak to the cashier, or manager of a store about a specific coupons, before activating a bar code, or quick response code for use at a register. Almost all stores do not require a "paper coupon". They simply need the coupon numbers and letters that the bar code represents. Most store managers will acknowledge this.

For questions, please email us at